‘Parent & Me Kickboxing’ classes will let you and your child spend time together in a fun, non-competitive, supportive environment while getting a great workout in and learning kickboxing fundamentals. This class is for parents and kids of all fitness levels; from beginners to advanced.

Our program is run by experienced and passionate coaches who will coach you on the ‘how tos’ of “hitting pads” with your child. You will do kickboxing and fitness workouts together while we play fun energizing music.

Classes are 25 minutes and will run Saturday at 11:00 AM and Tuesday at 5:15 PM.

Our contract is on a three-month term and we will require a minimum of 6 families to register before starting the program. Our anticipated start date is Saturday, November 22, 2022. There is a $180 set up fee which purchases gloves for one parent and gives your child a uniform and gloves as well.

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Boxing and kickboxing have many transferrable life skills and our goal is to instill these values for your child’s athletic and personal development. The focus for any of our kids’ kickboxing programs is on fundamental motor skills, agility, balance, coordination, strength, discipline as well as confidence and self-esteem. These skills will transfer to other sports as well as to school and home.

Will my child be safe?
Yes, all classes will be run and led by experienced and certified coaches. Your child will not be engaging in any contact.
Will this encourage violence?
No, it is actually more common for kids in kickboxing classes to be more disciplined and well-tempered. Kickboxing and physical activity can be a great outlet for extra energy while providing more purpose in people’s lives.

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