Chloee is an energetic and lively person.  She obtained her C-PEP 1 certification in Montreal. She has been designing and coaching fitness class as well as some one on one personal training for over four years, with experience teaching in both French and English. She thrives on challenges and is always fighting to progress in her own training. You will definitely see Chloee along side members in class giving the workout everything she has. This passion makes her incredibly good at motivating others.

Chloee is also a mom of 2 beautiful girls. She has rehabilitated her mind and body twice from child birth. Her goal was always not only to regain the fitness she had before giving birth but to continue to develop her strength and fitness beyond that. She is incredibly passionate about women’s health and fitness. Having gone through her own personal post-natal journey she understands the struggles of physical activity after childbirth, and this has made her committed to help others through the same experience; to not only reach get where they were but to keep hitting new goals.

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